Independent Living

The cost of healthcare is increasing all the time, an issue for every national budget. For a large part this increase is age related. The population is getting older and uses a larger part of the healthcare expenditure. Several measures to cope with this are put in place, one of them is independent living; care delivery at home.

Our independent living solution is addressing just this matter. A simple button press on a wireless transmitter triggers the care phone that calls the alarm central. An open voice communication with the professional staff is already the start towards help. Simple and safe are operative words. Using the equipment is very easy and all actions are registered and supervised. Errors during operation are reported, if something goes wrong.

To support the care organisations we also supply workflow software for the staff. Planning visits, mapping the route to the right address, registering the delivered care are all part of an integral software tool, that optimises the work for the organisation.


  • 914D

    Henkilöhakulaite 914D on luotettava linkki tiedon ja suoran toiminnan välillä.

    teleCare 914d
  • a71

    Pienikokoisessa ja kestävässä Ascom a71 -henkilöturvahälyttimessä on edistykselliset hälytysominaisuudet vaativiin olosuhteisiin.

  • i62

    Maailman ensimmäisenä 802.11n-verkossa toimivana VoWiFi-puhelimena Ascom i62 on todella ainutlaatuinen: puhelut eivät hidasta olemassa olevan .11n-verkon toimintaa.

  • p71

    Luotettava, kestävä ja helppokäyttöinen, Ascom p71 -henkilöhakulaite on kehitetty työpaikoille, joissa kiireelliset tilanteet vaativat välitöntä toimintaa.